Hygiene Policy

We have the highest standards of hygiene at Beautyfini.

To ensure your safety and comfort when you visit our nail salon we:

● Thoroughly disinfect and sanitize each tool before and after every treatment.
● Use medical-grade automatic sterilizer which heats up to 200 °C.
● Seal each tool after sterilizing and break the seal in front of our customer before treatment.

Beautyfini Hygiene policy 2

 NON WHIRLPOOL pedicure with single use plastic liner (cover)

Tools have been properly sterilized and kept in a pouch.

● Use disposable liners in our non-whirlpool foot spas which are replaced after every customer.
● Follow a strict hand-washing policy before and after each treatment.
● Can wear latex gloves during treatment upon request.

Healthy nails and skin

At Beautyfini we only use the highest quality beauty products that will maintain the natural health of your nails and skin as well as making them look and feel gorgeous. We seek out the healthiest and highest-quality products and are constantly updating our methods to ensure we’re providing the safest and healthiest service in the industry.

Beautyfini Hygiene policy 1