Pop into our award-winning Canary Wharf based-nail salon for the luxury pedicure of your dreams. 

You might be looking to treat yourself to a luxury manicure, wondering what’s available near you, but what about treating yourself to a luxury pedicure? Isn’t it about time you gave your feet a little TLC? A stylish spa pedicure not only gives you beautiful winter-ready feet but also creates that serene feeling that you deserve. 

The weather may be about to turn, with summer sandals, bare-legs and soft grass on naked toes a thing of the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to give your feet the same love and attention they get in the warmer days. Polished nails aren’t just for other people, right? They make US feel good, and that’s what matters. You’re the one that gets to look down at your beautiful pedicured toes first thing in the morning, just before slipping them into your warm slippers, or take it their pop of colour as you’re squeezing in that yoga just before work. 

A luxury pedicure is a perfect way to continue pampering yourself through those chilly winter months and avoid those pesky winter blues. 

Why should I pamper myself with a luxury pedicure?

Your feet know it’s been a long summer. Now it’s time to get rid of that hard-summer skin. You know your feet deserve some love. They’ve survived the hot summer, the bare-feet, the open sandals, the sweat, and the sun-burn. Now it’s time to wrap them up warm and thank them for getting you through this year. 

As we head into the colder months it’s important to keep pampering yourself and showing yourself some self-care. Beauty salons aren’t just for the summer! The nights will get longer and the days darker, but your mood doesn’t have to. Taking a bit of time to look after yourself is the little bit of boost that your body needs as we head into Autumn. 

What’s included in a luxury pedicure? 

A luxury pedicure is a perfect treatment to experience a little bit of relaxation and keep your feet flawlessly healthy. At our award-winning beauty salon in the heart of Canary Wharf, our beauty therapists submerge your feet in hot, soapy water, which softens the skin and cuticles. Then, they give your feet the tender loving care they need by exfoliating and moisturising your skin. Finally, they will shape your toenails and add a pop of your favourite nail polish, all while you sit back and relax with a warm cup of tea.

Our luxury pedicure treatment includes: 

  • A non-whirlpool foot spa to soften the skin
  • Exfoliation to remove dead skin cells
  • Foot massage and moisturise
  • Nail file to shape the nail 
  • Nail polish of your choice with over 200 colours to choose from: this can include CND Shellac, gel, SNS nail dipping, Acrylic or ombre nails
  • A protective topcoat to help your pedicure last longer

Our luxury pedicure treatment takes around 40-minutes to complete. That’s 40-minutes of YOU time where you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a bit of serenity while our talent beauty therapists pamper you. 

What’s a non-whirl pool foot spa? 

A non-whirl pool foot spa allows for us to use disposable liners, by far the most hygienic options for pedicure foot spas. Beautyfini is one of the only beauty salons in London that uses disposable liners for the foot spa soaking process during a pedicure. We guarantee that you are not sharing with anyone else’s feet! Throne or jet chair foot spas often used at other beauty salons can become contaminated with fungus or which is why we use disposable liners to sanitise our foot spa after each use. We also have a large collection of beauty therapy tools so we can thoroughly disinfect and sanitize each tool after every use. Find out more about our hygiene standards and Covid-19 safety measures here

I’m still not convinced, why should I get a pedicure?

Because you deserve it! Anytime is a good time to treat yourself but with winter fast approaching, stepping-up your self-care can be a good way to avoid the winter blues and keep yourself looking and feeling fabulous. 

Also, in these weird COVID-19, if you find you’re feeling particularly COVID nervous, pedicures are a great way to maintain social distancing while treating yourself. All of our beauty and nail treatments have strict safety guidelines in place and we follow government guidelines meticulously, but we get that you might want us to stay by your feet rather than your face! We’re doing everything we can to make our nail salon safe for your beauty treatments, including wearing masks, washing our hands, and sterilising all of our equipment, so even a manicure or eyebrow threading treatment is safe with us! But, if you’re feeling anxious and want something a little more serene you could try our special spa pedicure.